As the White House and House Republicans bumble into their next healthcare proposal, we thought we’d provide a reminder of how North Carolina Republicans (mis)handled the previous proposal. Here are the North Carolina Republicans who were for and against the Republican proposed American Health Care Act.

George Holding, 2nd District – Holding supported the bill from the beginning and actually thought that the back and forth between Republicans would lead to better legislation. Excuse me for a moment – AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

Virginia Foxx, 5th District – Foxx’s support of the AHCA has been overshadowed by the genetic testing bill she introduced. The bill would allow companies to demand genetic testing or else employees would pay more for health insurance. Foxx actually said the reasoning behind the bill was to bring down healthcare cost. Remember Foxx’s big brother bill next time Republicans try to tell you they are for limited government.

Mark Walker, 6th District – Originally Trumpcare wasn’t conservative enough for Walker, but after Trump promised changes including a requirement to make all of those lazy poor people work to get Medicaid and various assurances on taking away a woman’s right to choose, Walker got on board.

David Rouzer, 7th District – Rouzer waited till the very last moment, March 22, to pick his dog in the healthcare bill fight. We do have to give Rouzer some credit for holding a town hall and after predictably being shellacked for supporting Trump’s Muslim Ban and the repeal of the ACA, said that he would continue to hold more of them.

Richard Hudson, 8th District – Hudson is quoted as saying about the original bill “This is the kind of reforms that I’ve dreamed about my entire adult life.” Hudson is either not the sharpest stick in the stack or else he has some really messed up dreams. I don’t know about you, but my dreams don’t involve 24 million Americans without health insurance, poor people dying from lack of care, and seniors scraping together every last penny just to go to the doctor.

Robert Pittenger, 9th District – Pittenger was all on board with the Republican’s AHCA. It wasn’t perfect, but it did important things like reform Medicaid. Pittenger actually used the word reform, instead of the more accurate word, gut.

Patrick T. McHenry, 10th District – McHenry is a whip. As in it’s his job to whip the members into voting the way leadership tells them to. He and Majority Whip Steve Scalise apparently tried this on the conservative Freedom Caucus. Yeah, that didn’t go well. How embarrassing.

Walter “Don’t Call Him a Moderate” Jones, 3rd District – Jones was totally for repealing Obamacare and screwing over women’s healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood, but a reduction in services for the poor and increased cost for seniors was too much for him. Aww, give us a hug you big softie.

Mark Meadows, 11th District – As chairman of the ultra-right wing Freedom Caucus, not caring about the lives of the poor and most vulnerable members of society is practically a requirement for membership. Apparently the AHCA didn’t do enough of that for his liking.

Ted Budd, 13th District – Budd was amongst a group of Republicans that met with Trump on March 21 to discuss the AHCA. He entered the meeting saying that he would vote No. However that was before his meeting with “the ultimate closer” (Paul Ryan’s nickname for Trump. Seriously.). After the meeting, Budd was still a firm No.

Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are so thankful that they weren’t part of the shitshow that took place in the House. They were able to sit back and issue vague statements that couldn’t be interpreted as being for or against the AHCA. Make no mistake, if given the chance NC’s slick senators will repeal Obamacare. Who gets healthcare and therefore who lives and dies – eh those types of things can be worked out in committee.