Late last night, Senator Berger, Speaker Moore and Governor Cooper announced an agreement had been made on an HB2 compromise that would “repeal” HB2. Earlier in the week the NCAA gave North Carolina until Noon today to repeal the bill or lose out on championship tournaments for the next six years.

Here’s the thing. While HB142, the compromise bill, eliminates the ridiculous bathroom components of HB2 by taking the government out of bathrooms, it leaves in place until 2020 the most harmful anti-worker discrimination pieces. Ultimately, this does nothing to really help LGBTQ citizens from being discriminated against in the workplace. The “rationale” is to let due process play out on those pieces as they are currently under legal review by the Supreme Court.

What Can You Do

The Senate will hear the bill tomorrow in Rules Committee at 9:15a in 1027/1128 in the Legislative Building. The committee may or may not hear public comments (we’ve heard both scenarios), but the opportunity could be there. They’ll move it back to the Senate floor (which  convenes at 11a), vote, and then send it back to the House with the changes for their vote.

You can do one of two things today on this bill:

  • Go to the General Assembly in person. Equality NC is holding a “We Don’t Deal on Discrimination” event at 8am. Hang around afterwards to go to the committee meeting or wait to be present in the galleries at 11am
  • Call your reps to vote against HB142 as this isn’t a clean repeal and still leaves the discrimination component in place. It’s quite possible this will not get enough support to pass. Even with a GOP majority, they will need Democrats to vote yes to pass it as many hard Rs want to keep HB2 and will vote against even this so-called “repeal.”

Pay attention as this is going to be a fast moving story this morning.