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Raleigh | Tuesdays with Tillis

May 30 @ 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Every Tuesday at 11:30am, gather at Senator Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office to protest.

310 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, NC

We are going with taxes this week.  Despite all the mind-blowing roller-coaster accounts of what is happening in and out of the White House, the state of the tax plan is in the top two categories that will devastate us all.  (Yes, healthcare coverage is the other.)

According to the Five.Thirty.Eight.com website, the tally of how often Senator Tillis has voted in line with Trump’s position is 100%.  Not 90% or 97% but all the way.

If this holds true, let’s just look at a small but mighty force of people the tax plan he may endorse will extinguish:  AmeriCorps (80,000) and Senior Corps (245,000 volunteers).  The umbrella agency is the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Also eliminated would be student loan debt forgiveness after 10 years for college graduates who choose lower-paying service careers, such as teaching and public safety.  The National Education Association has promoted public service careers based on this program.

Thom Tillis needs us to remind him what courage looks like.  Having courage can be a lonely pursuit.  When we stand together and show him the way, he doesn’t have to be alone making these moral decisions for the people of North Carolina.  It isn’t that we have more courage than he does.  It isn’t that we are morally superior to him.  It’s that he needs guidance to understand what is called for at this time in history.  He has lost his way.  We reflect the courage and we reflect the moral stand that he needs to take to be a true American.  May he see us and reflect it back upon us.

Kim Barnes will be in Tillis’s office and other staff as well. We have a great letter to sign this week. Courage.  Onward. See you Tuesday!

May 30, 2017

Dear Senator Tillis,

We, the undersigned, have grave concerns about President Trump’s tax proposal.  The proposal eliminates taxes for individuals making less than $25,000 (and couples earning less than $50,000); that is gracious.  However according to bipartisan economists the plan cuts corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, lowers the top tax rate for the rich from close to $40% to 25%, and does away with the Estate tax.  These last three mentioned tax cuts stuff the pockets of very wealthy Americans with billions of dollars a year while having a dire effect on all the other people in the USA.

We stand in opposition to providing tax cuts for those who have an abundance of wealth while at the same time cutting funds for programs giving assistance to the elderly population, mental health programs, those who are differently-abled, those who live in chronic or short-term poverty (cutting food stamps is part of this), education for the entire population, and many other life-sustaining programs.

These tax proposals are mean-spirited and cruel toward the majority of US citizens in favor of the upper 2%. The proposal would greatly benefit the President himself!  This is scandalous.  A beleaguered theory is that cutting taxes will provide the wealthy with funds to invest toward new jobs and the economy.  Past experience documents that this doesn’t work.  Presidents Reagan and GW Bush gave substantial tax breaks to the wealthy, and the nation ended up in the red.  When President Clinton raised taxes, his term ended in the black.  “Trickle down” simply doesn’t work.

Please note that the incomes of corporations are currently soaring.  They have no need of tax breaks.  Meanwhile many citizens who have lower income levels stand at the brink of economic disaster.

The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that President Trump’s  tax plan would reduce federal revenues by $2 trillion over ten years.  In other words, we cannot afford this disastrous proposal which is fundamentally a corporate give-away.  You are paid by the ordinary people of North Carolina to represent our best interests.  We have chosen you to vote against any policies that will diminish the lives of hard-working, struggling citizens, the majority of whom are like the family in which you grew up.  Do not forget your roots.  Do not forget us.


May 30
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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Our Cary Future


Sen Thom Tillis’ Raleigh Office
310 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27601
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