Last month, Nevada ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). That makes 36 of the 38 states needed for ratification.

North Carolina has a bill that was recently introduced to ratify the ERA in NC (House Bill H102). The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations. The hope is that it doesn’t just “die” there; that it actually gets scheduled for a committee hearing, so that it can go forward to the chamber for a floor vote.

The thing is, we’re under a tight deadline. We need this to happen by April 27. Folks, that’s only next Wed! If we’re to rally behind this effort, we need to do so quickly.

So, what to do? Call, call, call! Call House Speaker Tim Moore’s office (919-733-3451) and say you want him to take action to ensure that H102 gets a committee hearing. Do the same for Rep David Lewis, Rules Committee Chair: 919-715-3015.

Consider helping to spread the word: friends, neighbors, church, or other organizations. By phone, email, social media. Any help is appreciated.

If you can, consider also hosting a movie party this weekend. The award-winning 2016 documentary, Equal Means Equal, highlights all the insidious ways in which women are harmed by discrimination. It’s available to stream through iTunes; $13 to purchase, even less to rent.

For more information about equal rights generally, go to The Alice Paul Institute also put out a great fact summary sheet about the legislative overview as well.