Got a TrumpCare hangover this morning? We’ve got a couple of remedies to hopefully make you feel a bit better.

Watch this video from Indivisible that aired live last night.

The team did a great job in explaining the process this bill still has to go through before it becomes law. The pre-mature “celebration” that took place at the White House yesterday afternoon was not only really bad optics – yay! We are taking away healthcare from 24 million Americans! – but a serious case of putting the cart before the horse. (If you really want to get annoyed, but get a glimpse of what was really driving the need for a party, check out this thread from @roguePOTUSStaff about how the White House MO is quickly becoming anything to appease 45’s ego – sad!). 

We lost a battle, here's how we win the war.

The legislative fight for health care continues, and it only gets harder for Trump now. Because of you. The Indivisible Team takes your questions about what's next in the fight against TrumpCare live! We lost a battle, here's how we win the war.

Posted by Indivisible Guide on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Make your voices heard

We know. You’ve been making calls all week and the vote still went the wrong way. But, pick up that phone one more time (or every day if you want) and let your Congressman know how you feel about their vote.

Call and thank the representatives who voted against it. Reps Price, Butterfield and Adams were all very vocal in their opposition. Rep Price also tweeted that he had 49 calls in support of the bill and 1023 opposed! We all definitely need to call Rep Walter Jones for being the ONLY Republican congressman from NC to vote against the bill. Here is part of his statement about his vote:

“Now in 2017, for reasons I cannot understand, instead of moving a bill to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reforms that will fix our broken health care system, the Washington Republican leadership jammed a bill through the House that does neither. Furthermore, the rushed, behind-closed-doors process they’ve used is shameful. Over the past several weeks, they cut deal after deal to secure members’ support, and then pushed the bill to the floor without a CBO score. As a result, no one has any idea how much those deals will cost the American taxpayers, or how they might affect the cost, quality and availability of health insurance coverage for American families.”

But here’s the important thing. Call your representatives who voted FOR the bill and tell them how unhappy you are. Be courteous, but be honest. As the Indivisible team said, they need to know there will be consequences to their vote.

Tell them:

  • your story of how this bill will personally harm you and your family;
  • you will work for their opponent in the 2018 elections;
  • you are writing a letter to the editor about their vote;
  • you’re encouraging friends and colleagues to take action to protest this vote;

Whatever actions you plan to take, make sure they know it! The Stronger NC team plans to tie this vote to these representatives every chance we get. Watch our posts, tweets and emails – we’ll keep you updated as best we can. Definitely watch for something next week when the CBO score is revealed.

Still not sure what to say? Indivisible has posted call scripts you can use to guide your conversation.

Finally, don’t forget to start calling Senators Burr and Tillis. We have no idea when this bill will actually be up for a vote in the Senate, but we need to let them know how we feel early and often!

Show Up

If you are really mad, like many of us are, make your presence known.

  • Congress is heading home for a two week recess, show up. Hand deliver a letter to your rep letting them know how you feel about the bill.
  • If there is a healthcare protest, show up.
  • There are likely to be Trump Tuesday events (sponsored by at congressional offices next week, show up.
  • Schedule a meeting with a congressional staffer to discuss ways to improve healthcare, show up.

As we hear about events, we’ll share them with you. They need to see a wave of people protesting this bill.