Author: Stu Egan

The Most Enabled Man in Raleigh – North Carolina’s State Superintendent

The July 14th ruling by a three-judge panel in favor of State Supt. Mark Johnson may have been a huge victory on the surface for Johnson’s supporters and those who seek to exert their influence through him and his inexperience. But it is not a real victory for Johnson himself. While the office of the state superintendent now has more executive power than at any time, Johnson himself lost more power as an individual in elected office. Why? Because Mark Johnson just became the most enabled man in all of North Carolina. Not empowered. Enabled. And that’s not good for...

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When the Leader of the Public Schools Refuses to be Part of the Public

Imagine you are an official of the state elected by the public. Your job is to lead the state’s public school system. You are the head of the Department of Public Instruction. You are the lead public school instructor. You control public information. You oversee taxpayer money that comes from the public. Should you not be publicly available? Because that’s a lot of public involved – six “publics” in the first paragraph alone. From the “Organization” page of DPI’s website ( The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) is charged with implementing the state’s public school laws and the State Board of Education’s policies and procedures governing pre-kindergarten...

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DPI, 1984, Oceania, and Mark Johnson’s Big Brother – Another Communications Coup in North Carolina

From Orwell’s 1984: “And so it was with every class of recorded fact, great or small. Everything faded away into a shadow-world in which, finally, even the date of the year had become uncertain.” (Book 1). News today that state superintendent Mark Johnson halted key “listserv” communications from the Department of Public Instruction may not seem like the full explosion of a dystopian novel just yet, the idea that a rather reclusive government official is regulating key communicative avenues to those who need the information to make important decisions does sound a little like government control over what the masses...

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About the Civitas Institute Post on a Middle School Asking For Donations For Supplies

On June 29th, Bob Luebke shared on the Civitas Institute website in a missive entitled “Schools, Parents – and School Supplies” a rather caustic perspective on the plight of many a public school trying to help provide for students in need. He wrote, A friend recently forwarded the email listed below. It’s to parents from the principal at Holly Grove Middle School and is like thousands of other emails that schools send out to parents throughout the school year asking them to contribute or help out with some activity at the local school. PTSA First let say, most parents...

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Dear NCGA, We Have Great Teacher Programs in Our Colleges and Universities

Senate Bill 599, misnamed the “Excellent Teachers In Every Classroom” bill, recently passed through the last days of the recent legislative session of the NC General Assembly. A hack of a bill, it was sponsored primarily by Senator Chad Barefoot, as a means of addressing the teacher shortage in North Carolina’s public schools with teacher preparation programs that are run by for-profit entities that “train” teachers in short amounts of time to serve our state’s students. While there do exist many talented people who enter the teaching profession laterally, those people do get training through a program already that...

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