Author: Shelby Reap

The Struggle for Affordable Senior Housing

Five years ago, I helped my Mom make the hardest move she’s ever made – sell her house and move into an apartment she could afford with just her Social Security benefit. Six months earlier she had been forced into an early retirement. She had been an office manager for a non-profit and the day-to-day tasks had become too difficult for her. After testing, she was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. When the doctor called to talk to me about the condition, he told me to make plans now for her long term care. What he was really telling...

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Burr Not Fulfilling Duty to Constituents on DeVos Nomination

We are writing today to express our frustration and disappointment with Sen. Richard Burr dismissing calls from his constituents about Betsy DeVos. On Jan. 31, during the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Hearing on SD-430, he made the following statement: “This is a strategy that was hatched some time ago. Senator Franken on Rachel Maddow’s show on January 26 said we’ve talked about nominations and we talked about DeVos – she’s someone that there’s not gonna be one Democratic vote for. This isn’t about our responses to questions. This was decided a long time ago. … This is...

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