Author: Sarah S.

Spotlight: The LGBT Center of Raleigh

Even if you are recent to activism, chances are you’ve heard about the LGBT Center of Raleigh.  With the help of countless supporters and volunteers, the Center engages with the Triangle community by focusing on an ambitious mission that includes community building, social and educational activities, support services, identification of needs and advocacy for resources benefiting the diverse population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, their friends and supporters. In short, the LGBT center is often a first stop for individuals and families seeking community or support in the Triangle area.  Whether you are looking for a book...

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Spotlight: North Carolina Environmental Justice Network

The collective voice of scientists across the nation has been hard to miss over the past week, as members of the scientific community have begun preparations for their own march on Washington.  But in the midst of this national discourse, it can be easy to lose sight of how important the contributions of the scientific community are in our own backyard.  Indeed many of our fellow North Carolinians live in unsafe environments because of their race, ethnicity, and income. Remedying this sort of injustice is exactly why the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network was created. As a coalition of...

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