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Spotlight: The Islamic Association of Raleigh

The Triangle is a diverse area, with people of different nationalities and faiths living together. As Raleigh continues to grow, it’s important for members of the community to find spaces where they can connect with those who share their beliefs. The Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) serves as an outlet for Triangle Muslims to connect with their fellow American Muslims. The IAR provides a variety of services for the local Muslim community, including burial services at their Zebulon cemetery, food pantry services, refugee support services, on-site food and catering services through their Al-Ma’idah Kitchen, marriage services, and an Islamic...

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Spotlight: Church World Service Durham

Even casual readers of the news are well aware of the plights of refugees around the world. We know that they need escape horrible conditions and be given safe haven. However, we often don’t think about the next steps. How do we provide for those who have lost everything? Church World Service Durham, which was founded in 2009, works to assist refugees and immigrants from around the world in the Triangle area. Refugees arrive in our community at the end of a long journey, with the opportunity to begin a new life here. The resettlement process is long, includes...

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Spotlight: Equality NC

When House Bill 2 (HB2) was secretly passed in the dead of night by North Carolina’s General Assembly and then immediately signed by then Governor McCrory, thousands of North Carolina citizens lost basic rights and protections. However, HB2 is just one injustice that needs to be addressed in North Carolina. Equality NC is one of the organizations that is fighting for equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) North Carolinians. Equality NC is the largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocacy organization in North Carolina. It lobbies the North Carolina General...

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Spotlight: ACLU Of North Carolina

The ACLU has received a lot of attention for its lawsuit that successfully derailed part of the administration’s immigrant plan. Before Trump was even confirmed the ACLU had made headlines with its pledge to take on Trump beginning day one. It followed through with that pledge by filing a Freedom of Information Act request to get access to documents that could show Trump’s conflicts of interest. With all the attention it receives for national issues, it’s easy to forget about the ACLU’s long history of holding local governments and their institutions accountable. The ACLU of North Carolina is North...

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Spotlight: Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia NC (MERI)

Donald Trump’s campaign and subsequent executive orders have emboldened racists across the country. Hate directed at African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims has been a disquieting undercurrent of Trump’s appeal. The Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia NC (MERI), is a network which stands and acts together against all forms of Islamophobia and racism, and understands that this hatred must be confronted head on. MERI is a network of North Carolina organizations with a mission to end racism and Islamophobia by building a movement that challenges all forms of oppression. It views both Islamophobia and racism within a framework that...

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