Author: Julie Steele

What Really Happens at a Town Hall Meeting

No town hall starts when everyone is seated. It really starts when you stand in line to get to your seat. That is how I ended up standing next to a woman calling 45 every name in the book, only to find out at the end of thirty minutes she was a Republican. My bad. We keep hearing there are angry mobs of Democrats and that’s why our representatives don’t show up. This was no angry mob. Democrats were there, sure. But so were Republicans, self-described unaffiliated or independents, folks who had never paid attention to David Price before and...

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Jesus is an Activist

Desmond Tutu.  Corrie Ten Boom.  Harriet Tubman.  Mineo Katagiri. Jim Wallis. Mairead Maguire. Betty Williams. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Tony Campolo.  William Barber. What do these people have in common?  Christianity strengthened them to be activists fighting injustice. Some are a part of history. Others are still with us.  Many I could name but you wouldn’t recognize ordinary people, going about their lives until they realized evil must be stopped, people protected or served because it’s what Jesus would do.  The struggle they faced reminding others Jesus was/is an activist too was real.  I experienced this challenge participating in the Women’s...

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When We Fight, We Win

Many of us are at the beginning, whether getting involved in activism for the first time or starting a grassroots group or thinking about running for office. When We Fight, We Win: Twenty-First Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World is a great primer on what issues capture people’s hearts and minds across the spectrum including public education, immigration, mass incarceration, economic power and environmental concerns. When We Fight, We Win is a good place to start when you have a case of the “what am I gonna do?”s. Short chapters make it an easy pick up...

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