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Why Is the Partisan Gerrymandering Ruling a BFD?

Legislative maps, judicial maps, congressional maps – North Carolina has been in the national news for all of these lately, and not in a good way. While we are waiting to hear what will happen with legislative maps newly drawn by the Special Master, Nathaniel Persily (fixing several racially gerrymandered North Carolina House and Senate districts), and while we are pushing back against allowing this General Assembly to draw new judicial maps (that could disproportionately affect rural districts and black judges), the most recent development is that North Carolina’s congressional maps have been deemed unconstitutional, skewing our representation in...

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Spotlight: Love Wins Community Engagement Center

When most people think about helping people experiencing homelessness, they think about donating money, food, clothes, or time to homeless shelters. While shelters serve a vital need, fewer people realize that most shelters require their residents to leave each morning and don’t allow them to return until later that evening. For someone experiencing homelessness who cannot work, or someone who does work but perhaps works shifts and doesn’t have a predictable schedule, this creates a lot of hardship. “People experiencing homelessness don’t have places to go during the day, and especially not places to go that are happy and...

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The US Census: Population Tracker or Political Tool?

With all the controversy over drawing congressional districts and gerrymandering, it’s easy to forget that there’s an even bigger issue that drives the redistricting in the first place – the US Census. But why is the census such a big deal? Here are some facts about the census to help explain why the census is so important, and why it’s even more important that the census remain a non-political operation – something that’s in danger of changing under President Trump. What is the census, exactly? The US Census is a constitutionally mandated count of the population of the country...

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PROFILE: Veterans Experience Action Center

The 2017 Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC) was held in Cary, NC on September 14-16, 2017. During that three day period, more than 1,000 veterans – some from as far away as Phoenix, AZ – were assisted by Veterans Benefit Agency (VBA) staff members with their VA claims and issues. Richard Spyrison, the Service Officer for American Legion Post 67, says that the VEAC was the result of an idea from the American Legion’s State Veterans Benefits Officer (VBO) for North Carolina, who is based with the VBA in Winston-Salem. The State VBO was collaborating with the VBA to...

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