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Support “Let People Vote” Campaign

We have been focusing on Voting Rights and Fair Elections this month. Why? Because voter suppression is on the rise and it disproportionally affects minorities, the poor and the elderly. When politicians manipulate the machinery of elections to entrench their own political power, we lose our ability to make the changes we want to see in the world. As Rev. Barber said, some things are not left versus right, but right versus wrong. Today’s voter suppression tactics are sly, subtle and don’t lend themselves to attention-grabbing headlines. Voter disenfranchisement breeds cynicism, which in turn leads to less voter turnout....

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Local Elections

This month on “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” we talked with Matt Calabria, a Wake County Commissioner, to look at local elections and why they are important. With municipal elections all around the state starting this week, we wanted to dig deep into why these votes have a direct impact on your life. Policy decisions such as transportation, education, safety, affordable housing are all made at the local level. While sometimes it seems like Washington DC is very detached from your day-to-day life, that is not the case when it comes to municipal officials. For example, in Wake...

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New Toolkit: Fair Elections for North Carolina

Freedom is a common theme in songs and poems about America: we fight for it, defend it and cherish it. But what does “freedom” really mean?  Freedom is having the power to exercise choice and make decisions, including having fair representation in the policies and laws that affect your daily life.  We exercise freedom in our American system of government through voting. All eligible Americans should be able to easily register to vote, have the opportunity to cast a ballot that will be accurately counted, and have their vote contribute equally in the election process. The right to vote is...

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Time to Vote! Municipal Elections are Here

With our country in constant crisis, it can be difficult and overwhelming to maintain a consistent focus on the many important issues fighting for our attention. For the last few months, Stronger NC has decided to take activism under our control by focusing each month on key issues we believe are important to all North Carolinians.  Democracy only works when voters are informed and empowered, so in order for that to happen we hope to provide the information you need. For October, we are digging deep into voting rights. The foundation of our democracy is constantly under threat as the...

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Spotlight: Tyler Clementi Foundation Day1 Campaign

The Tyler Clementi Foundation’s mission is to end online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities. In 2010, Tyler committed suicide as a freshman at Rutgers University after being a victim of cyber-harassment on the internet. Tyler’s death became a global news story, highlighting the impact and consequences of bullying while sparking dialogue amongst parents, teachers, and students across the country. The story also linked to broader issues impacting youth and families such as LGBT inequality, safety in schools, youth in crisis, higher education support systems, and cyberbullying. As part of the organization’s outreach efforts, they have created an anti-bullying campaign,...

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