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What Can I Do After Charlottesville?

I have been at a loss for words watching the events in Charlottesville unfold all weekend. I’ve wanted to write something, but every time I try to put words on paper I find millions of competing thoughts and emotions making it too difficult to write anything coherent, let alone profound. Instead, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the great ideas, calls to action and resources we’ve seen in the last two days to try and make sense of the senseless. Ask Your Legislators to Take A Stand Our friends at RISE Together NC have pulled...

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Stronger NC & Civic Rise Are Making Activism Easier

We know it’s been a busy 10 months since Election Day. You have been doing an amazing job making phone calls, emailing your representatives, showing up at the NCGA and organizing events to support the disenfranchised members of our community. We can’t thank you enough! In turn, we also want to be doing all we can to support you. We believe democracy works best when voters are informed, engaged and empowered. Because of this, we are joining efforts with Civic Rise for an easy way to stay updated on action alerts from not only Stronger NC, but all of...

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Missed Thursday’s Redistricting Committee Meeting? We’ve Got You Covered!

The Joint House and Senate Redistricting Committee met on Thursday to vote on rules for the redistricting process that is being mandated by a three-judge panel. Here are the highlights from the meeting: Rules for using non-partisan criteria to draw legislative maps were rejected by the NCGOP members of the committee. Members have been urged to adopt the nonpartisan criteria of House Bill 200 that has wide spread support from members of both parties. HB200 would take redistricting power out of the hands of partisan lawmakers and instead have nonpartisan legislative staff draw voting districts completely blind to partisan...

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Healthcare Toolkit is Here!

At Stronger NC we believe that caring for the health and well being of our citizens is a basic and universal right, not a privilege or prerogative, just as a good public education, and having clean air to breathe and water to drink are essential rights. As a result, we are committed to making civic engagement easier, especially for complicated issues such as healthcare. This toolkit will provide you with concise information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid Expansion, a primer on Single Payer and Options for Moving Forward, as well as equipping you with advocacy opportunities, key...

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Thinking About Healthcare in August

Wait a second. Haven’t we been thinking about healthcare for the last 6+ months? Yes, of course we have, but here at Stronger NC we’ve decided to take activism under our control. What does that mean? While there will be plenty of crazy shenanigans from the White House and NCGA to react to, we want to take some time and focus each month on key issues we believe are important to all North Carolinians.  Democracy only works when voters are informed and empowered, so in order for that to happen we hope to provide the information you need. Starting this...

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