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Public Comment Open for Judicial Reform

The GOP members of the newly appointed Senate Select Committee on Judicial Reform and Redistricting have been meeting secretly in back rooms to draft plans that could completely change the way judges are selected in North Carolina. In the last committee meeting on Dec. 13th, new maps were presented at the end of the meeting which were not on the agenda nor had they been presented for review ahead of time to the 5 Democratic members. Nor would they allow a former judge, who was acting as the Governor’s delegate, to have any opportunity to speak. Having independent judges...

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What’s Happening This Week With #GOPTaxScam

Lots happening this week. (Doesn’t it seem like we’ve said that every week this year?) While we want you to make calls about Net Neutrality, we still need to keep an eye on the #GOPTaxScam. From Indivisible: This week, the conference committees (read our conference 101 explainer) will meet and begin to resolve the differences between the House and Senate tax bills. There are enough differences between the two bills that they face real challenges in reaching a compromise that works for enough of their members in both houses. Senators Collins (R-ME) and Flake (R-AZ) both claimed to receive...

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Save Net Neutrality

Want to know why why net neutrality matters and how to tell the FCC and Congress to protect the open web at all costs? Give this video a watch.

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31 Days of Giving

For the month of December, Stronger NC is undertaking a “31 Days of Giving” advocacy project to help local charities and organizations in need. Each day we’ll feature a different group in North Carolina looking for volunteers, physical donations, financial funds, etc. Please give as much as you are able, but don’t feel obligated to give every day. Our hope is to make this time of charitable giving a bit easier and possibly introduce you to some organizations you may not have heard of before. Who knows? You might even cross a few Christmas gifts off your list too. Dec...

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The Big Business Take Over: Net Neutrality & Tax Plan

A concerning pattern emerged last week. The #GOPTaxScam has been pretty well publicized in how it hurts average Americans by raising taxes and taking away tax write-offs that so many depend on in favor of tax breaks for big business and the 1%. What also came to light was the FCC’s plan to remove Net Neutrality rules. Net Neutrality keeps the internet open and democratic. In an op-ed in the LA Times, Jessica Rosenworcel from the FCC explains: “Net neutrality is the right to go where you want and do what you want on the internet without your broadband...

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