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Help Texas Teachers!

We have all been horrified watching the natural disaster from Hurricane Harvey unfold in Texas over the last 10 days. Americans come together in times of tragedy and what we have witnessed on the ground in Houston is inspiring. So many of you still want to help, so we thought we’d offer up some opportunities to align with our focus for the month of September: Education. We Are Teachers We Are Teachers has compiled a helpful list of eight different ways for teachers (and parents) in North Carolina to help their counterparts in Texas. A few we particularly like...

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Speak Up On Behalf of NC Judges!

In the years before the Revolutionary War, the British Crown used their power and money to buy the influence of judges. Our Founding Fathers had such an absolute belief that our new system of government should be free of that type of persuasion that they enshrined an independent branch to the judiciary, free of bias or favor and guarantors of fairness in all matters, regardless of a person’s stature or wealth. This brings an inherent credibility to the role of judges, protecting the rights and property of all Americans. It is because of this neutrality that judges, as a...

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Help Save CHIP

With Congress heading back to session next week, we want to bring the discussion back to healthcare. When Congress reconvenes in September, one issue of particular importance to children’s health here in NC and throughout the US is the much-needed reauthorization of the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP is a federal-state partnership program that provides health coverage options for children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford marketplace or other coverage. Current Federal Funding for CHIP Ends September 30, 2017 Nearly 80,000 Children are on CHIP in NC (NC Health Choice) Has...

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Take Back Our Story to Take Back Our State

This week, StrongerNC hosted Dr. Marilynn Baker, an expert in strategic analysis who has spent the last several years analyzing voter trends in NC and the reasons why our very purple state has gradually been stained a deep shade of red. Her conclusion? While gerrymandering is certainly a critical issue and big cause for concern, it is not the only cause. In Dr. Baker’s analysis, she looked at statewide races, which are not gerrymandered since there are no districts, from 2000 through 2016. Most of the NC counties voted blue in the Governor’s race in 2000, moving to a...

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Having The Tough Conversations

If there is one thing the events in Charlottesville and Durham revealed last week it is the broad spectrum of opinions and reactions progressives had as events unfolded. Understandably, emotions are running high. None of us can watch the blatant racism and white supremacist rhetoric coming from the highest levels of authority in our country and not be angered by what is happening. Unfortunately, in these reactive moments, we have failed to stop and realize the resistance is not a single, monolithic group. It’s made up of individuals all across the country that bring different histories and life experiences...

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