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2017 Elections: VOTE on November 7

Jacob Reed provided a good reminder today. There have been a lot of bright shiny lights this weekend with the Robert Mueller investigation and the indictments that were handed down today. While this will be a long, slow process, there is real work to be done now to defeat Republicans in 2017 Elections. Their silent, complicit actions enable the three ring circus to spin out of control. In North Carolina, we can best use our voices in our local municipal elections that are taking place next week. Early voting is underway in many locations. More resources and details about...

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Stronger Books

In October, Stronger NC readers discussed “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America” by Nancy MacLean. An explosive exposé of the man and the ideas behind the well-heeled right’s relentless campaign to eliminate unions, suppress voting, privatize public education, and curb democratic majority rule.” – Google Review This book was met with mixed emotions and opinions. While the history of libertarian thought and its impact on today’s America was a downright frightening read, we all thought it included valuable education and necessary lessons. Our conversation also included the controversies that have arisen...

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GOTV: Virginia 2017

Indivisible Guide, Democracy for America, and Move On are fighting hard to flip Virginia blue in 2017. Virginia governor and state legislature elections – with more than 100 seats up for grabs – happening on November 7, 2017. Why do the Virginia elections matter to us in NC? Check out this video: We, along with IndivisiblesNC, are asking folks to please give two hours of their time on one of these six days to do a shift of phonebanking or textbanking. Both work best if you have access to a computer or tablet plus your phone but you can do either...

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NC Judiciary Under Attack

They’ve attacked the Executive Branch by stripping the Governor’s powers. They’ve attacked the Legislative Branch by unconstitutional gerrymandering and unconscionable new bills passed, and now the NCGOP has come for the Judicial Branch. What’s Been Going On? Rep. Joe John, a former judge himself, has compiled a good list of what’s been happening to erode the powers of the judicial branch of government. But a lot has happened more recently since he put this list together: The House passed H717 to gerrymander the judicial districts, and we expect to see the Senate vote on it in January. In addition, the...

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