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Weekly Call to Action: Fight for Integrity and Leadership

More than 80,000 North Carolinians came together this weekend to march for a Moral Agenda that moves America closer to a more perfect union. The fight for social justice is more important than ever before. The corruption and lack of transparency in the White House is startlingly obvious proof there is no moral agenda driving this administration. In the spirit of the march, we ask to you take a few minutes to fight for these causes this week (from Jen Hofmann’s weekly Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience): Stand up for integrity and reject corruption. On January 6, an official report of the...

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Something happened last night. One of those small, but seismic cultural shifts that happens when no one really expects it. The Democrats were in the middle of their second consecutive night of #HoldTheFloor marathons, this time opposing Jeff Sessions, and Elizabeth Warren stood to speak. During her speech, she began reciting Coretta Scott King’s letter testifying against Jeff Sessions 30 years ago during a federal judgeship confirmation hearing. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called her out of order and silenced her from the Senate floor. An unusually harsh response, for sure, but then again, these are not normal times. When asked...

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Call to Action: Stand Against Hate, Stand Up for Love

This week marks the second anniversary of the hate crime murders of Chapel Hill residents Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Abu-Salha, and her sister Razan. In honor of the anniversary, several organizations are hosting events or calling for actions to support those in our community who are in need of our solidarity, friendship and support. Local In Raleigh, The Light House Project is hosting an event to help people answer the question “How can I be the light in today’s darkness?” The event will mark the anniversary of the murders, but will also be a time to reflect on the incredible...

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Volunteers Needed to Help Refugee Resettlement Efforts in Raleigh

Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) based in Raleigh has a large refugee resettlement program. They are a small operation with limited storage facilities, and as a result, put out weekly requests for donations. This week the organization is under particular strain after scrambling to address the refugee ban and has the following requests. Opportunity #1 In response to recent events, LSC is organizing an activity to “show some love” to the many refugees in our community who call our country their new home. LSC has put together care packages with the words “WE WELCOME YOU” on the box. They need 30-40 volunteers willing to deliver...

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Weekly Call to Action: Huddle Up!

This week’s Call to Action is to attend a local event. Women’s March on Washington recently posted the second of the 10 Actions for the First 100 Days campaign asking everyone to huddle together by meeting in person and planning next steps. Stronger NC has been proactive on that front already, but there are still many events taking place in the next week to honor the Women’s March request. Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7:00pm: Movie Screening Democracy for Sale Wednesday, Feb 8 at 7:00pm: NCGA Citizen Engagement 101: How a Bill Becomes a Law Thursday, Feb 9 at 7:00pm: Stronger Drinks in Wake Forest; this...

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