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Tonight in Crossover Week

Ok, folks. Here is what happened in today’s episode of “NCGA Crossover Week”. HB-249 (aka Economic Terrorism bill) Good news – this bill failed in committee by a 6-5 vote! This is a win for the First Amendment as the bill would have criminalized peaceful protesting in North Carolina. Thanks to all of the folks who observed committee meetings today. There is no way to know what the outcome would have been had observers not been present, but watching the room does change behavior. McGrady, Michoux, and​ Harrison all opposed the bill. Michaux had a classic quote about the bill...

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This is What Democracy Looks Like

Politics moves fast. Some weeks it feels like you can barely keep up with the blaze of headlines racing across social media news feeds. Want to slow down for a bit and have the luxury of diving into a single topic? So do we. Join Stronger NC for a new Facebook Live video series starting on May 2 at 7:30pm, “This is What Democracy Looks Like”. Each month we’ll host a rotating group of bipartisan panelists from all walks of life – experts to average citizens – to discuss one specific topic. We want to help all of us...

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The Latest on HB-13

As we mentioned last night, here are more details on the compromise that was reached on HB-13 during the Senate Education Committee vote. The “compromise” amends HB-13 as follows: For one year, eases the class size restrictions the way the original HB-13 intended; Starting the following year, imposes the same harsh class size restrictions in the current budget; again leaving no room for funding specialists; Specifically imposes a duty on the LEAs to provide adequate classrooms to meet the demands imposed by the state (this is an assurance that the State will not help fund the mandate is has...

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Pay Attention: NCGA Power Grab 2.0

Well, we warned you. It’s only Monday evening and it’s already a crazy week at the NCGA. Thirty-five pieces of legislation were hitting the floor tonight. The most important thing we can ask of you tonight is to make time this week to go down to the NCGA and be citizen witnesses for either votes on bills or in committee meetings. If you can’t make it to the NCGA tomorrow and you have a couple of minutes tomorrow morning, send a quick email to your representatives with the following information: In the subject of the email list the bill number and...

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What’s Happening at the NCGA This Week

Crossover Week The “crossover” deadline is Thursday, April 27. That means this week at the General Assembly will be chaos (yes, more than usual): long days, unscheduled meetings, cancelled meetings, and recesses, while legislators desperately vie to get their bills passed and sent to the other chamber. Non-appropriation or finance bills that do not pass one chamber are dead for the short session. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that an idea in a “dead” bill can’t be added on to a bill that’s already passed a chamber and pushed through that way. Knowing our GA, that’s definitely a huge concern. HB-13 After...

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