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Back to Healthcare: Calls to Oppose Cassidy-Graham Bill

We are going to back to healthcare this week, as the Cassidy-Graham Bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act was just announced late last week. NC Policy Watch has pulled together a great summary of the numbers behind the bill. It’s a must read article. A few points we think are pertinent: 12—number of days until the September 30 deadline to pass ACA repeal and replace legislation on a simple-majority vote under the Senate procedure known as reconciliation 239 billion—amount in dollars that the Cassidy-Graham plan would cut projected federal spending for Medicaid expansion and marketplace subsidies under current...

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Education

This week Stronger NC hosted out latest installment of “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” on our Facebook page. In keeping with our education theme this month, host, Lynn Edmonds from Public Schools First NC, and teacher, Kristen Beller, discussed the current challenges facing public education in North Carolina. A few of the interesting topics they examined were: NCGA legislative decisions and the real world impact on teachers and students. A-F evaluation grades for schools and what that really means. The values the NCGA is representing with their poor public school budget choices. The struggle teachers face as they...

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How America’s public schools keep kids in poverty

Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools — things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields — and this has a real impact on the potential of students. Kandice Sumner sees the disparity every day in her classroom in Boston. In this inspiring talk, she asks us to face facts — and change...

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Education Toolkit: The Risks of Privatization

There is an undeniable trend taking place in school districts across the country, including North Carolina. It focuses on the path to privatization currently being pushed by big money and for-profit education. The NCGA has certainly embraced this scheme as you’ll see outlined throughout this toolkit. Fundamentally what we have here is a difference of beliefs – free market vs constitutionally provided education regardless of your status. Lines are being blurred as new types of schools receive taxpayer dollars without the same levels of accountability. If we are going to have charter schools with public money, why can’t we make them...

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Mark Johnson, Those “Dreamers” Are Our Students. Speak Up For Them.

“We are blessed beyond measure to be citizens of the United States, the only nation ever to have a dream named after it. No matter who you are, your background, your neighborhood, or your race; you should be able to go to school, work hard, and reach your American Dream. More of the same cannot be the only option for our students and educators. I propose we focus on College and Workforce Preparedness for students; 21st Century Education Innovation for teachers, and A New Education Direction for all of North Carolina. Many different challenges face us, but let’s acknowledge...

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