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Veterans Focus Toolkit is Here!

This month as Stronger NC focuses on ways to best support our veterans when they return from their military service, we are happy to present our Veterans Focus Toolkit. With five military bases, a military ocean terminal, a US Coast Guard base, and over 100 National Guard facilities, North Carolina is home to many veterans across all branches of service. While these veterans serve honorably, build critical skills sets and contribute so much to society, they also face some unique challenges as they make the transition from active military to civilian life. In this toolkit, we examine those challenges so...

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Stranger Things: The GOP Tax Plan

Like you, we’ve been reading all the news about the new GOP tax proposal. Since it’s difficult to keep up with all of the changes being proposed, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 things we think are noteworthy. Plus, a call to action from Indivisible at the end. Higher education tax breaks targeted: There are a few different tax breaks that will be eliminated or reduced by the GOP tax plan – student loan interest deduction, tuition discounts for college workers, employer tuition and debt assistance, and elimination of Coverdell savings accounts. All of these changes make it...

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Stronger November: Veteran’s Issues

Veterans are all around us, especially here in North Carolina, where we have five military bases, including Fort Bragg, the largest base by number of personnel out of all the branches of military; a military ocean terminal, a US Coast Guard base, and over 100 National Guard facilities. North Carolina has also designated the month of November as Veterans’ History Awareness Month.  This month Stronger NC will focus on some of the important issues facing our veterans. These include: The Military to Civilian Transition – What do veteran’s face after they leave the service when it comes to getting...

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2017 Elections: VOTE on November 7

Jacob Reed provided a good reminder today. There have been a lot of bright shiny lights this weekend with the Robert Mueller investigation and the indictments that were handed down today. While this will be a long, slow process, there is real work to be done now to defeat Republicans in 2017 Elections. Their silent, complicit actions enable the three ring circus to spin out of control. In North Carolina, we can best use our voices in our local municipal elections that are taking place next week. Early voting is underway in many locations. More resources and details about...

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