Author: Jen R.

The Battle for an Independent Judicial System Continues

Our North Carolina independent judicial system, once a model of #FairCourts for the nation, with non-partisan elections and public campaign financing, continues to be under attack by the NCGOP who have had their unconstitutional laws overturned time and again over the past few years. You only need to look at the agenda for the next legislative session in May 2018 to see where their focus will be. Even the NC Courts Commission has asked legislators to back down from judicial redistricting. Read here for: A timeline of legislative attacks on the judicial system: A summary of the overall problem:...

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Send Thomas Farr farrrrr away from our North Carolina Courts

Help Stop the Confirmation of Thomas Farr as a Federal District Court Judge in NC On January 18th, 2018 Thomas Farr was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee as a nominee for a lifetime appointment as a Federal District Court Judge in Eastern NC. This position has been vacant since 2005, and Senator Burr has already blocked two highly qualified black women for the post. Much has been written about Farr’s past, including his legal defense of NCGOP voter suppression tactics, his association with the Pioneer Fund (a racist hate group founded in 1937), his intricate relationship with Jesse...

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Get Ready to Rally in 2018!

2018 will be a pivotal political year, full of opportunities to get informed, be engaged and make a difference. Here are some key dates to mark down now. Participants and Volunteers Needed! Saturday, January 6th, 2018: Save Our Schools & Fix the #ClassSizeChaos Rally 1pm-3pm ; Location: Halifax Mall, 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh An NC public schools advocacy group, Save Our Schools, has been working tirelessly this year on the issues created by the passage of HB13, a bill to reduce the class sizes in elementary schools across the state. The legislature failed to provide the additional funding...

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Fight For A Fair and Independent NC Judicial System

What is the NCGOP trying to do to our judicial system? The unconstitutionally elected supermajority in the NC Legislature is looking for an opportunity to re-structure the court system to enable partisan influence. They understand that the courts are the last line of defense against their schemes to strip power from the Executive office and gerrymander their way to unbalanced representation in order to pass laws that benefit special interests and not the citizens of NC. Rep. Joe John has documented a list of recent bills passed which threaten an independent judiciary. Since judges are bound to follow the...

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