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Bills Buried by the GOP during the 2018 Short Session

It’s worth highlighting some of the bills sponsored by Democratic lawmakers that would have been important additions this session but have been buried in committee by the General Assembly leadership (for a complete list see this chart and sort it by bill date). Priority instead was given to defining the term “milk”, ensuring the development of cursive writing skills, giving away the property rights of individuals to corporations which pollute and harm, and restricting early voting weekend days. We need to break the GOP supermajority so we can have a better functioning state government. Democracy thrives under healthy debate...

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The 2018 NCGA #BackroomBudget Shut Out

Each year the NC General Assembly meets to review the financial needs of the state, producing a full budget every other year and allowing for amendments in the year between. In 2017 a full two year budget was passed by the NCGOP but overridden by Governor Cooper for failing to fully invest wisely in the needs of North Carolinians. This year, the GOP took the unprecedented step of gutting an old bill which was in limbo, and used that shell to craft their own budget adjustments in a closed door conference committee, with no Democrats present. Because of this...

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Yes, Your Primary Vote Does Matter

Every election season the yard signs start popping up on street corners, fundraising requests fly over social media, and mail carriers stuff flyers claiming “I’ll stand up for you” or “You can’t trust my opponent” into mailboxes. After the 2016 Presidential election it is no surprise that people are tuning out of politics in general, having been barraged with negativity, outright lies, and disrespect for the election process for the past four years. A simmering toxicity now bubbles close to the surface between friends, family and neighbors who once simply agreed to disagree on policy. In the workplace, at...

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The Battle for an Independent Judicial System Continues

Our North Carolina independent judicial system, once a model of #FairCourts for the nation, with non-partisan elections and public campaign financing, continues to be under attack by the NCGOP who have had their unconstitutional laws overturned time and again over the past few years. You only need to look at the agenda for the next legislative session in May 2018 to see where their focus will be. Even the NC Courts Commission has asked legislators to back down from judicial redistricting. Read here for: A timeline of legislative attacks on the judicial system: A summary of the overall problem:...

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Send Thomas Farr farrrrr away from our North Carolina Courts

Help Stop the Confirmation of Thomas Farr as a Federal District Court Judge in NC On January 18th, 2018 Thomas Farr was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee as a nominee for a lifetime appointment as a Federal District Court Judge in Eastern NC. This position has been vacant since 2005, and Senator Burr has already blocked two highly qualified black women for the post. Much has been written about Farr’s past, including his legal defense of NCGOP voter suppression tactics, his association with the Pioneer Fund (a racist hate group founded in 1937), his intricate relationship with Jesse...

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