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Stronger NC is a 501c4 non-profit organization!

Like most grassroots groups, we began and have grown organically in response to a need to “promote social well-being”, which is what a 501c4 does. Coming out of the 2016 election we felt really far apart, that social isolation was having negative and unequal impacts, and we didn’t see how we’d improve access to healthcare, education, housing affordability, etc, without coming together. Just as before, Stronger NC remains an issues-based organization for advocacy, activism and community building. There are both advantages and disadvantages of becoming a non-profit. 501c4 is a tax code that does not require us to file...

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Happy New Year, Stronger NC!

For 2018, we’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions as Resolves. We see a “blue wave” coming and we’ll be doing our part to support those efforts. Beyond those concrete and immediate goals, we want to share our hopes and plans for the coming year. What we’ve realized is that most of our battles are interconnected. From Healthcare (August), Education (September), Elections and Voting Rights (October), to Housing Affordability and Homelessness (January), the subjects we’ve created Toolkits for will form the basis of our work in 2018. We believe in the best parts of Intersectionality (February); that no matter how...

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Statement on the GOP Tax Bill

We stand firmly against the Tax Scam passed at 1:50am December 2, 2017 because of the process in which it was passed, the content and overall principle. It is fundamentally wrong to bow to special interests along partisan lines, and will add at least a trillion dollars to the national deficit after accounting for short-term gains. People of all parties should be appalled at the fiscal irresponsibility. We disagree with the manner in which this bill was written and passed. The last time a tax bill of this magnitude was undertaken was in 1986, where over 300 expert and...

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What You Need to Know About the GOP Tax Plan

With a vote on the tax bill coming this week, we want to make sure you understand many of the intricacies of the bill. This tax plan will impact you, and unless you are in the top 1% of earners in the country, it will likely have a negative impact. Where Does the National Budget Come From Anyway? Personal income tax accounts for the largest segment of the national budget. We, individuals, contribute 49% of the total federal budget. Another 31% come from payroll taxes from both employer and employee taxes. 11% of the budget comes from corporate taxes....

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Where North Carolina Goes, So Goes The Nation

The Old North Star State, in many ways the new dividing line between the north and the south, has a history of leading the nation. Even today, what happens in NC matters around the country. Here are some highlights of how NC has lead the nation from the American Revolution to today. REVOLUTIONARY PERIOD North Carolina was the first state to declare independence, but the last to ratify until the addition of the Bill of Rights – first 10 Amendments guaranteeing Due Process, the First Amendment, etc. NC also realized the importance of education in all of this, creating...

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