Author: Amy R. Worley

Activism Ain’t For Sissies: Put on Your Big [Whatever] Panties

I’m annoyed. Not at Republicans or Trump—okay, yes at Republicans and Trump—but right now I’m talking about being annoyed with the political left. And since I’ve been working with my 3rd grader lately on identifying the “Main Idea” of a story, let me go ahead and lay it out here for you.  The Main Idea of this post is simple: Activism is not for sissies. No quitters allowed.  Michael Jordan missed more than 9000 shots in his career, lost almost 300 games and missed tens of game winners. Losing is an essential part of winning. Yes, Democrats lost the...

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Wake County Democratic Convention Hopeful, if a bit Clunky

I spent the better part of yesterday–a beautiful, spring day–stuffed in a high school auditorium attending the Wake County Democratic Party Convention. I missed both of my boys’ soccer games and a third grade basketball game. As a newly minted precinct officer and delegate, this was my first such convention in Wake County. Amid the crowd, the speeches, and the thin film of order, there was much cause for hope and enthusiasm. And, as is true with most old, dusty institutions, there is also great opportunity for modernization, inclusion and growth. A hope and change girl, I’ll start with cause for optimism.  President Obama, in...

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Squirrel! The Distractor in Chief

POTUS may be the most ineffective man ever to serve as President. His attempted Muslim ban has been thwarted twice by the courts. His healthcare reform bill, touted as a snake oil cure for all that ails us, has yet to gain traction. Hundreds of government posts remain unfilled. Nominees have been confirmed only to resign amid scandal and others have declined appointment. And then there is Russia. You know, the former communist nation that interfered with our election. The news cycle is a whack-a-mole frenzy attempting to uncover Trump’s ties to Vladamir Putin and Putin’s oligarch drinking buddies. Don’t...

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Why Democrats Get their A** Kicked in NC

This is part 4 of a series on gerrymandering. I recommend you take a look at the first three posts if you aren’t already familiar with voting rights law (Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3). This piece focuses on North Carolina state legislative districts and the Covington v. North Carolina lawsuit that challenged the lawfulness of those districts. First, some background. The court’s holding in Covington should be understood through the lens of North Carolina’s comprehensive election law statute (Election Law), which required voters to produce photo IDs, eliminated same-day voter registration, cut early voting by a week, and...

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Injunction of Legislature Advice and Consent Process Dissolved

North Carolina Superior Court Judge, Jesse Caldwell, dissolved the temporary restraining order prohibiting the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) from exercising “Advice and Consent” authority over Governor Roy Cooper’s cabinet appointments. Read the six-page order This order turns on understanding how injunctions work under the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. In order to warrant an injunction to maintain the status quo during litigation while the case proceeds on the merits, the party seeking the injunction must demonstrate to the court that it will suffer irreparable harm if the injunction is not issued. In plain English, this means that Cooper...

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