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Supporting organizations, groups and peoples who will be most adversely affected by national, state and city governmental decisions and legislation.


A culture of data-driven, fact-based activism that crosses the boundaries of age, socioeconomic status, gender identity, religion, political party, race, nationality, disability status or sexual orientation.


Encouraging compassion, empathy, positivity and loving kindness towards all peoples and all groups regardless of their chosen path or decisions.

Democracy works when voters are informed, engaged and empowered. Stronger NC is built upon the following four tenants as the foundation to our organization.

Focus on Member Education: Stronger NC believes education IS activism. Informed voters make choices that benefit all of us. There is an opportunity to provide factual, critical analysis of public policy, legislation, court decisions and government as a whole. We teach our members about how government works, how to recognize when it isn’t working and how to effectively speak to both our elected representatices and the public at large about policy issues. 

Providing Advocacy Resources: Stronger NC builds advocacy toolkits to help members exercise their democratic rights and become effective advocates for change. We also issue targeted “calls to action” to alert our membership when they can do something help move an issue. Our website, Facebook page and Facebook Live video series, This is What Democracy Looks Like, aim to teach responsible, non-violent citizen government. We are an Indivisible Group and we support the advocacy principles espoused in the Indivisible Guide. 

Building a Community: People who do not feel alone feel empowered to act. Stronger NC is inclusive and aims to build a diverse community of North Carolinians of all races, creeds, religions, national origins, sexual orientation and genders (or non-gender binary and transgender). All non-violent North Carolinians aligned with our values are welcome at our events and in our online spaces. 

Supporting Community Service: Stronger NC will partner with North Carolina organizations focused on service women, children and other vulnerable communities who may be affected by our current political climate. 

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