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Healthcare Toolkit is Here!

At Stronger NC we believe that caring for the health and well being of our citizens is a basic and universal right, not a privilege or prerogative, just as a good public education, and having clean air to breathe and water to drink are essential rights. As a result, we are committed to making civic engagement easier, especially for complicated issues such as healthcare. This toolkit will provide you with concise information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid Expansion, a primer on Single Payer and Options for Moving Forward, as well as equipping you with advocacy opportunities, key...

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FB Live Series: This is What Democracy Looks Like; Focus on Healthcare

Join Stronger NC’s Facebook Live Video Series “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” which will focus on current Healthcare issues. Our special guest will be Adam Sotak, Public Engagement Director with NC Child. Topics that will be discussed include a recap on the current Healthcare/ACA status, Medicaid and the CHIP program (the State Child Health Insurance Program for children), the Managed Care System in NC, and any of your comments and questions that you share with us! Throughout the month of August, NC Child will be providing Stronger NC members with resources and ways to take action to protect...

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Thinking About Healthcare in August

Wait a second. Haven’t we been thinking about healthcare for the last 6+ months? Yes, of course we have, but here at Stronger NC we’ve decided to take activism under our control. What does that mean? While there will be plenty of crazy shenanigans from the White House and NCGA to react to, we want to take some time and focus each month on key issues we believe are important to all North Carolinians.  Democracy only works when voters are informed and empowered, so in order for that to happen we hope to provide the information you need. Starting this...

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Happy New Year, Stronger NC!

For 2018, we’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions as Resolves. We see a “blue wave” coming and we’ll be doing our part to support those efforts. Beyond those concrete and immediate goals, we want to share our hopes and plans for the coming year. What we’ve realized is that most of our battles are interconnected. From Healthcare (August), Education (September), Elections and Voting Rights (October), to Housing Affordability and Homelessness (January), the subjects we’ve created Toolkits for will form the basis of our work in 2018. We believe in the best parts of Intersectionality (February); that no matter how...

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Stronger November: Veteran’s Issues

Veterans are all around us, especially here in North Carolina, where we have five military bases, including Fort Bragg, the largest base by number of personnel out of all the branches of military; a military ocean terminal, a US Coast Guard base, and over 100 National Guard facilities. North Carolina has also designated the month of November as Veterans’ History Awareness Month.  This month Stronger NC will focus on some of the important issues facing our veterans. These include: The Military to Civilian Transition – What do veteran’s face after they leave the service when it comes to getting...

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