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Education Toolkit: The Risks of Privatization

There is an undeniable trend taking place in school districts across the country, including North Carolina. It focuses on the path to privatization currently being pushed by big money and for-profit education. The NCGA has certainly embraced this scheme as you’ll see outlined throughout this toolkit. Fundamentally what we have here is a difference of beliefs – free market vs constitutionally provided education regardless of your status. Lines are being blurred as new types of schools receive taxpayer dollars without the same levels of accountability. If we are going to have charter schools with public money, why can’t we make them...

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Education

This week Stronger NC hosted out latest installment of “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” on our Facebook page. In keeping with our education theme this month, host, Lynn Edmonds from Public Schools First NC, and teacher, Kristen Beller, discussed the current challenges facing public education in North Carolina. A few of the interesting topics they examined were: NCGA legislative decisions and the real world impact on teachers and students. A-F evaluation grades for schools and what that really means. The values the NCGA is representing with their poor public school budget choices. The struggle teachers face as they...

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Healthcare Toolkit is Here!

At Stronger NC we believe that caring for the health and well being of our citizens is a basic and universal right, not a privilege or prerogative, just as a good public education, and having clean air to breathe and water to drink are essential rights. As a result, we are committed to making civic engagement easier, especially for complicated issues such as healthcare. This toolkit will provide you with concise information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid Expansion, a primer on Single Payer and Options for Moving Forward, as well as equipping you with advocacy opportunities, key...

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5 Easy Steps to Prep for Primary Day

With Early Voting just around the corner and Primary Day less than a month away, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start researching candidates and their positions. Primaries in particular can be challenging given the large number of candidates for each race and not as much name recognition as the November election.  We’ve put together five easy steps to help you get started. Voter Tools The North Carolina State Board of Elections provides all of the information you need to get you started. Use this site to help you verify your registration status, look...

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Happy New Year, Stronger NC!

For 2018, we’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions as Resolves. We see a “blue wave” coming and we’ll be doing our part to support those efforts. Beyond those concrete and immediate goals, we want to share our hopes and plans for the coming year. What we’ve realized is that most of our battles are interconnected. From Healthcare (August), Education (September), Elections and Voting Rights (October), to Housing Affordability and Homelessness (January), the subjects we’ve created Toolkits for will form the basis of our work in 2018. We believe in the best parts of Intersectionality (February); that no matter how...

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