Democracy works when voters are informed, engaged and empowered. Stronger NC offers an opportunity for North Carolinians to collaborate and actively engage in local, state and federal government on issues that affect us all. Providing you with toolkits, calls to action, a video series and ways to give back to the community, Stronger NC is committed to making civic engagement easier.

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  • RT @democracync: FYI — Senate Select Committee on Elections Committee Meeting Notice Out for Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 2:00 #ncgacga #suppre…
  • RT @TerenceEveritt: By shutting out Democrats, the gerrymandered supermajority is silencing the voices of millions of North Carolinians. #n…
  • RT @NCConservation: "For nearly 40 years, Chemours Co. and DuPont have been releasing a chemical byproduct known as GenX into the Cape Fear…

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